There’s nothing like being all dressed up and all fired up with nowhere to go. If you find yourself in this position and without the resources required to make your own party, these tips may help!

Scour Eventbrite & similar sites.

At risk of sounding like a shill (does Eventbrite have shills? IDK. Should they? Probably. I wouldn’t even be mad, its that good.), get to Eventbrite. It’s a wonderful website where organizations and individuals can publish and ticket events! You can search by location, date, category, and keyword for fun things to do wherever you are! It’s a pretty easy platform to use on both ends (as an attendee or a planner) and is plenty helpful for finding an existing festivity to waltz into with little to no invested effort!

Your city, nearest metropolitan area, or state tourism site might have its own platform for boosting awareness of fun happenings as well. See if your city is on TownPlanner, or if they release an events calendar or a magazine that promotes events. These local/regional platforms are usually more insightful than farther reaching ones, so its worth the research to find them! Plus they’re usually developed by local initiatives or chambers of commerce, which are often fun to support!

Let social media work for you.

As you mindlessly peruse social media (don’t lie, girl, I see you), take advantage of the push engagement opportunities to allow the algorithms to populate your notifications with fun events. Click “INTERESTED” on a few Facebook events that are even tangentially up your alley, even if you may not attend, and follow hashtags in your city. Over time you can train your platforms to work for you and before long you’ll have plenty of options for when you must engage your adventurous side!

Consider memberships.

Become a member of whatever organizations strike your fancy. Even if you don’t have any serious career aspirations, joining a junior league or young professional society is a fabulous way to have more access to festive things happening about town. It’s also an excellent way to improve the society and culture where you live! You don’t have to necessarily chair a committee or accept a leadership position, either. You’ll contribute plenty of value to the social scene and its philanthropic causes just by taking part! Add energy to the goals and pursuits of the organization by participating as your schedule allows and drawing others into the fun with you!

Research the atmosphere and ambiance, not merely activities.

For the glitter sheep (as opposed to the black sheep!) of the world, a formal agenda isn’t required to create a good time! It might suit you better to find a great location with the kind of atmosphere you’re in the mood for than it would to find the perfect party, class, or activity. You don’t need any official events to have an excuse for a good time. Simply search for museums, 21+ establishments, parks, stores, and other venues. Vet the images of the location and see if it appears to be an aesthetic and social environment. If the vibe looks right, chances are you can enjoy yourself even if you have to get the party going yourself!

Build research into your planning routine.

Every quarter and every two weeks, I recommend doing this research in a strategic fashion. Explore your options and pencil in anything that looks festive, whether you do or don’t have plans already. It’s always good to have a backup option, and it’s better to spend that last minute prep time inviting friends than it is scrambling to find someplace to go and something to do!

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