The ways in which we ask the question, “Am I beautiful?” vary exponentially from one day to the next. The ask isn’t always clear to those who love us. We need to be told “yes” in quite a few different ways not because we’re thick headed but because that’s our biggest, most pivotal question. Somehow, many of us are quite good at hearing, “No,” even though our friends, our parents, our men, and our Creator, are resoundingly telling us, “Yes.”

There’s nothing like being all dressed up and all fired up with nowhere to go. If you find yourself in this position and without the resources required to make your own party, these tips may help! Scour Eventbrite & similar sites. At risk of sounding like a shill (does Eventbrite have shills? IDK. Should they? Probably. I wouldn’t even be mad, its that good.), get to Eventbrite. It’s a wonderful website where organizations and individuals can publish and ticket events! You can search by location, date, category, and keyword for fun things to do wherever you are! It’s a pretty easy platform to use on both ends (as an attendee or a planner) and is plenty helpful for finding an existing festivity to waltz into with little to no invested effort! Your city, nearest metropolitan area, or state tourism site might have its own platform for boosting awareness of fun…

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