Want It All & Expect Nothing

The ways in which we ask the question, “Am I beautiful?” vary exponentially from one day to the next. The ask isn’t always clear to those who love us. We need to be told “yes” in quite a few different ways not because we’re thick headed but because that’s our biggest, most pivotal question. Somehow, many of us are quite good at hearing, “No,” even though our friends, our parents, our men, and our Creator, are resoundingly telling us, “Yes.”

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Laying the Best Plans

Planning and striving are both necessary, and while there isn’t maybe such a thing as “too much planning” or “too much striving”, as we move to one side of the spectrum we are neglecting the opposite end which creates risk of failure and a loss of balance.

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Essential Beauty Steps to Build Your Aesthetic Upon

Whether you’ve just tried (and failed) to execute your first ever makeup tutorial, you’ years into researched skincare experiments, or you learned volumes about beauty from real women face to face, these steps should provide a powerful foundation for your beauty aims!

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Men feel most loved when they are respected. There are many things you can do to actively demonstrate and act with respect, but these behaviors are far more effective when lavished upon a man who you find respectable in the first place! In this post, I will be discussing my recommendations on both fronts!

I consider lash shaping to be one of the necessary beauty basics for all women. No matter your aesthetic, makeup ideology, or day-to-day lash wardrobe (be it mascara, various falsies, or extensions) this procedure will add tremendous value. When combined with lash tinting, it’ll save time for minimalists while supporting makeup routines of maximalists.

In 2011, I gave up on shaving forever! From my first underarm wax and Brazilian, my life was changed. But a year into my waxing journey, my favorite esthetician moved and I was faced with a dilemma. I was to either find a new esthetician or learn to do the waxing myself. Guess which option I picked!

Whether you are only beginning to seek romantic prospects or are needing to improve your approach, there are a number of things you should keep in mind as you strive to put yourself in the orbit of marriageable men!

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