While I’m often a beauty maximialist, in the summer I (like most people) want to spend as little time in the mirror and more time savoring the season! My husband and I are hot off the heels of an amazing beachside vacation and are spending lots of time outdoors. These are my current obsessions for feeling girly and looking flirty while soaking in the beauty of summer!

1. Layering Blush

I really love blush in general but my new approach to layering has me absolutely swooning! First, I bronze the periphery of my face as usual before sweeping a light peach shade across the width of my midface (nose included!) from cheekbone to cheekbone. If needed, I repeat this until there’s a diffused glow. Then, I tap any excess just above the temple. Lastly, I dust this same shade just above my crease as if it were eyeshadow, before targeting a deeper value/more saturated blush right on the apples of my cheeks! It makes me look so fresh faced and has the same effect on all my friends who have tried it so far.

2. Sticky Bras

There’s a 13 inch difference between my bust and underbust. Sticky bras have never been something I can really manage, but this is because I was attempting to confine my breasts to the bounds of the sticky bra. As if! I finally gave up on the charade and just applied the cups however I could. It looks absurd when you see how they’ve been applied, but under clothing my bust and silhouette look majestic! If you’ll be outdoors, I do recommend applying a cooling powder between your breasts. Also, apply an acidic toner wherever you plan to adhere the cups to ensure a good seal!

3. Rayon Kaftans

I’ve been essentially living in rayon kaftans! These are the go to beach cover-up for good reason! They’re breezy and lightweight enough to keep you cool, but there’s enough fabric to conceal your bathing suit or the flask you’ve squirreled away in your waistband. The fabric itself is also so smooth… I want to leisure in a bed of it. They perfectly suit my bohemian bombshell aesthetic paired with delicate ankle strap heels and a little embroidered bag. There is a huge variety of prints out there in this style to suit whatever your aesthetic direction is, too!

4. Finely Milled Body Shimmer

I unironically believe I have glitter in my veins. Most of the year, body shimmer would just be too off kilter even though, as a Bright Spring, I can get away with being quite extra! But in the summer, I don’t hold back. My favorite delivery method is finely milled shimmer powder distributed in fast absorbing body oil. I’ll pour some in a lukewarm bath after coming in from the sun, or will apply it directly after showering. If you don’t have your own DIY beauty product kitchen, I recommend the Lush Shimmy Shimmy bar

5. Smith & Culty Hydragloss High Pigment Lip Gel

This lipgloss is extremely nourishing, lightweight, and leaves a nice even stain behind as it subtly wears off. It actually sinks into the skin, and the color selection is wonderful with a decent array of neutral, cool, and warm undertones! This is a product I intend to collect the full range of. I’m that obsessed.

Can you believe the pigmentation? It’s astounding! The vanilla/mint flavor/fragrance isn’t overpowering or tangy either. Could it be more perfect? I think not! Since I’m a proponent of self tanner for summer I find I really only need to add pigment to my lips and face on days we spend out golfing, playing tennis, and by the water. In the office, at church, and on dates I still follow my bare bones routine for a pulled together face. Read about those steps here!

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