Right now, I’m in a good place with my various beauty and femininity efforts. I’m pleased with the efficacy of my skincare products. My makeup looks are coming together seamlessly. My hair is loving the current routine and I’m having consistently great head to toe looks. I’m in a great rhythm with my physical fitness and mental health pursuits, and all of these efforts are paying off emotionally and visually. However. I know it’s just a matter of time before I get bored with these results, or my schedule picks up and I need sleep more than perfection. They say beauty is pain and while my chemical peels and DIY waxing definitely attest to that truth, I think beauty is commitment. How do you create the continual motivation to do these things? Where do you seek out inspiration, not for the execution of your own style and beauty, but to…

The ways in which we ask the question, “Am I beautiful?” vary exponentially from one day to the next. The ask isn’t always clear to those who love us. We need to be told “yes” in quite a few different ways not because we’re thick headed but because that’s our biggest, most pivotal question. Somehow, many of us are quite good at hearing, “No,” even though our friends, our parents, our men, and our Creator, are resoundingly telling us, “Yes.”

Each season of our lives are characterized by new beauties and challenges, both better enjoyed with feminine camaraderie. Yet as we leave the folds of education and enmesh ourselves in our own nuclear families, it’s easy to find our social calendars eclipsed by other relationships and joys. Making female friends as we earn more years can be an uphill climb. I hope to crack the code!

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