DIY Beauty


I consider lash shaping to be one of the necessary beauty basics for all women. No matter your aesthetic, makeup ideology, or day-to-day lash wardrobe (be it mascara, various falsies, or extensions) this procedure will add tremendous value. When combined with lash tinting, it’ll save time for minimalists while supporting makeup routines of maximalists.

In 2011, I gave up on shaving forever! From my first underarm wax and Brazilian, my life was changed. But a year into my waxing journey, my favorite esthetician moved and I was faced with a dilemma. I was to either find a new esthetician or learn to do the waxing myself. Guess which option I picked!

Even Leonardo, with all of his skill and artistry, would have elected to paint on a smooth canvas rather than a…. hairy one! If you find yourself unenthused with your skin finish after makeup application, or unimpressed with the results of your skincare routine, dermaplaning could be the solution!

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